Can I manually commit Shared Collections?

I’ve recently decided to start making use of collections on a project with source control enabled and noticed there are three different types. I decided using shared collections would be a good idea as it does what it says, it’s a collection for other participants in project to be able to work with.

Now that’s fine and all but what I didn’t know is that every time something is added to a shared collection, Unreal will automatically commit the change with little warning. I soon found out that the commit log gets flooded with such commits which is not desirable at all.

Is there a way to turn this behavior off while still being able to commit changes manually to source control for collections? I know there are other collection types but they’re not as convenient as shared collections. I just want to turn this auto commit behavior off.

The best way I found was setting the share type to local, editing it and setting it back to shared. This will reduce it to a delete commit and a add commit

I have been looking for this as well, a little while later than the original question I see… Looks like this is not a native option and requires an engine change, which is doable but not desirable. Would have been nice as an Editor Preference :frowning:

Was also considering Sebulbion’s suggestion, but that doesn’t work when having nested collections since they each have their own permission value. Otherwise that would have been okay as a temporary solution.

So my answer unfortunately is to either check whether UE5 has improvements here or to make an engine change yourself in …\Engine\Source\Developer\CollectionManager\Private\Collection.cpp