Can I Make Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Style Combat system?

Hi everyone as the title suggest I just played Prince of Persia Warrior Within and wanted to know if we can make combat style of POP WW in unreal for more specificity the look on system that the game has
like the player look on the enemy that the direction he is hitting ? I hope this make sense
have nice day y’all

Yes you can make it. Try “Advanced locomotion system” from unreal marketplace.

but locomotion is animation pack so i have to code the combat system right ?

Yes, making game means you code your game, not copy paste stuff. Locomotion pack is nice place to start.

Or you can also get unreal 5, and start learning there, just do not go on developing full game yet, learn for now and wait for stable release.

I am actually using Unreal 4.26 and was playing POP WW last night after pondering for a while I though no now-days are making or posting tutorial for such mechanics the last time I saw this mechanics or something similar to free flow was in middle earth and also batman arkham series
but I am going to take your advice here

Always split your coding tasks into smaller ones, and keep splitting them until you have some idea how to solve it.
So do not look how to make Prince of Persia fighting system, instead, look how to make moving animations etc. Then how to add fighting system on top of it.

Also you will never find tutorial about “how to make prince of persia animation blueprint” instead you can find plenty of tuts about how to make animation blueprint.

So for your quite complex task (basically whole player side of game) i would go like this:

  • movement blueprint, learn how all that works
  • extends with some (single type) attack animations
  • make movement for enemy AI
  • make AI that wanders randomly so you have moving targets to hit
  • add more attacks for your player.

Then start everything again, this time with clean code.

And don’t get discouraged, animation blueprints are thoughest part of making game (together with network code).

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Okay never really through that way again thanks for the pointer