Can i make multiple in-game windows or open a single window over two screens?

Is it possible to open two in game windows (kinda like how the ds/3ds uses two screens) or stretch a single window over two monitors? For example LOZ Ocarina of time 3ds

or LOZ Majoras Mask

Idk like to get the main view on the one monitor and like the stats and inventory on the other. I think i may just have to make a screen big enough to span two monitors and go from there. Any suggestions? Yes i know its not the most practical application for pc games but its something id like to experiment with anyway just for kicks even if its not used for the final product. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance lol.

Hi Dsmccurdy92,

You sure can! Under WINDOW click on VIEWPORT and then click on VIEWPORT 2. In fact, you can have up to four… Hope this helps.


Sorry teak421,

I majorly worded that wrong i guess. My aim was for the actual in game view not the editing viewports that was my mistake lol. I updated the question and added some example pics if that helps. I feel like an idiot now haha.


Ahhh… You know, I’ve never tried that! I’m going to watch this thread because I hope someone else would answer… neat idea for a variety of reasons! (map on 2nd screen)…

Ha-ha I agree, like I said not the most practical thing for pc but it could still be fun interesting. They actually did your map idea for loz phantom hourglass,The(E)(EXiMiUS)-1.jpg

Pretty cool!! Hope whatever project you are working on comes to fruition!

This might be what you want:

I am dealing with similiar stuff and have not tried it yet my self. Thus i would like to use this section to share experiences.

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I got an idea. Have the game open up other games, then have both use the same data. So each is separate but connected. Surely unreal has an open application node. You open up each executable starting with a single app. It definitely has open file nodes. Package games in the same folder, then specify the path to open. I assume you want to do this on a computer not mobile.

If anyone knows, please that would be very great to know the solution.