Can I make map for UT3 using UE4?

Can I use UT4 map in UT3? Or can I make UT3 map in UE4?

Hello Fellow Unreal Developer

The short answer to your question is no.

This came up in a level design course I was taking last semester where we were using an older version of UT on our school computers which was not accessible from home. It actually caused a lot of issues.

A longer answer is that while UT umaps and their UE counterparts are not compatible there are a few things you can do to save yourself some time and trouble.

Firstly, all Geometries like BSP’s and Static Meshes can be copied and pasted between UT and UE.
Note: You can even use this method to copy your terrain over.

Just be sure to open Unreal Tournament first and then Unreal Engine if you want to have both open at the same time.
(Unreal Tournament will not open if another instance of Unreal is open and it counts Unreal Engine as another instance)

You could of course select every element you wanted to copy over, close down the UT Editor and open up UE’s editor but this is a pain.

Secondly, and maybe this is obvious, but to save yourself from copying and pasting one element at a time, you can select the top element in your World Outliner, then, while holding shift, select the bottom Element in the World Outliner. This will select all the elements in your scene. Then it is just the simple matter of holding Ctrl and deselecting things like lights, atmospheric fog etc. Once you’ve grabbed a hold of everything you want to bring over just Ctrl C, switch over to UE’s editor (with an empty scene open) and Ctrl V.

While this wont bring your textures over it will hopefully save you a lot of time.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: When you copy and paste it will keep all the location, rotation and scale info so you will not have to manually place anything when bringing it over.