Can i make big worlds for RTS?

I’m totally new to game development and i’m searching for good engine than can handle my ideas.
My game idea is like OpenTTD or Transport Fever. The tycoon where you need to transport goods from A to B by trains, trucks and etc. But, the main differnce from others of it is realism, so i need large maps. I have read that max world size is about 20km2, but i think it is for FPS like games where you need many details.
So, can i somehow make world sizes like 100x500km for RTS games? I don’t need high details. The reference level of detail is like Transport Fever

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Hey @mddoff! You can totally accomplish this task in Unreal with some smoke and mirrors. Your key factor is going to be scale. While you will not be able to make a 1:1 scale model of an 100x500km map, you can shrink your assets down to simulate something very similar. Since you are doing a RTS/Tycoon game, you will not need the player to be in first person, so you can build your world the same way you would build a model train staging area. Very small, but very realistic.


Is it possible to to provide the game with assets of low & high quality and have the engine adjust accordingly?
When in RTS view the game will use the low quality, while when zooming in for details, like in FPS, them will render using high quality assets.