Can I make an FPS with the TPS template?

Hi, I need your help concerning my game development.
I have create a “FPS” camera with the TPS template but I don’t find the solution for control the rifle.
My mouse cursor don’t control it. I can’t move up, down, right, left with the weapons. It’s static. I want the gameplay of “Shooter Game” with the full body of the TPS Template.
There is no tutorial about this simple problem… I want just to control my weapon with my mouse, when I look up, weapon follows the movement like all FPS…

Can you help me?


Make a separate first person weapon’s mesh and update it every weapon switch and attach to a bone of the parent skeleton

Owner no see: no
Only owner see: yes

Owner no see: yes
Only owner see: no

Hi, thanks but it’s a phenomenal work for a simple problem.
The problem is : the arms don’t follow my cursor and if I attach to a bone, the result is similar to the actual situation (with Rifle attach by sockets)

And how can you hide the head of mycharacter just for me? (because I have trouble with my camera sometime, I see inside the head)