Can i make a Widget Blueprint component act as a billboard?

Meaning it will always look at the player.
I tried having it as a child of an actual billboard but that didn’t work, and i’m not getting very good results with find look at rotation and setting it’s relative rotation on tick.
If anyone knows the best way to do so, it would be highly appreciated.

(get widget World Location , get Player World Location)->Find look at rotation -> “Set World Rotation”

This is what i currently have, however its still not perfect.

Let’s say for arguments sake that the widget has a bit “TEST” text on it, when i play, the text is laid down flat to ground and the last T of test is pointed at the player at all times.
Any suggestions?

-parent your widget to a scene component or a child actor , make sure your widget is facing the same direction a it parent X
-in your graph change Widget to the parent you added

I got much better results and can work with it this way thanks,

I should mention that my widget’s Z is facing towards the X of the child(parent)actor i added, this is the only way to get it to face the way i want.

Hello, I have the same question. Then I found that in the current version UE (5.0), it can be configured directly in widget component (User Interface->Space->Screen). It works for me. I think it is also much better than adjust component rotation, which will consume computing resources in every tick.