Can i make a side level a main projcet?

I managed to screw up one of my projects but i have a level within that screwed up project that is finished. Is there any way i can make that level that is finished its own project so i can package that out on its own. Because I’ve tried packaging the level but it seems to only load the messed up level. Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.

If I understand right, you can create a new blank project and then migrate the good level from your messed up project to your new project.

Right click on the good level and select migrate.

Thanks now my problem is just trying to get the level to be packaged and playable because after migrating once i load the project it comes up with the blank level and i have to open up my migrated level and packaging just shows a blank screen. If you have any idea how i can fix you would be a legend.

Mate you are a legend and a life saver. Thanks a bunch.