Can I make a Memory Card Game using the game script?

I am new to Unreal Engine and game development for that matter but I am working with the memory card game. I thought I could make some simple changes to it to make it into a game I could use but it is going to be more difficult.

I want to have a card with picture A match up with a picture B card. This is for a math game for kids and I need to have one image match with another image. Is this possible using the game script? Any suggestions on how to do it would be helpful. Thanks

Ok, so this is silly and I doubt anyone will read this but if it helps someone else who is brand new to all of this than great.
I am getting closer to answering my own question. I have used the awesome feature where you can see in real time the flow of the blueprint and in the image you can see that the cards are measured against each other if they are equal to, less than or greater than. If they are equal to they follow this path in the image. I am still not sure how the blueprint determines if they are equal or not. Once I figure this out I will be much closer to finding out how to make two different images equal in some way. Not sure yet. I will keep you posted.

I am a little bit farther and had to get a friends help on knowing what to do. To give an update if you are new I did not know you can double click on the macros and it will take you into how they are built.
The way I am going to work this game is to change the macro to read different materials. I am not certain how I need to do this but will give it my best and report back in case anyone is new to blueprints like me.

Yes you can. Did you look at the memory game in the market place? It does exactly what you’re doing with blueprints.

I did see that and I am using that game but am trying to alter the blueprint. My question in the title got changed by one of the staff since it was meant to ask how to change the blueprint. Not a big deal.

So the pictures I am posting are from that game. I am new to all of this and I am trying to change the blueprint so that I can match two different cards together. Right now from what I can tell it matches according to the number the card is listed under. The game then shows it uses math functions to determine if it is equal to or less than or greater than. I want tiles that have different pictures to match up together and am working to figure it out. Any help on this would be great. Thanks

So I am stuck and if anybody knows what to do please let me know. I tried having the cards match up with each other by using different material names and was going to alter the blueprint to make it work. This however will not because in several instances the pictures (integers) are referenced as integers and so I need to find a way to get the game to match up different integers. Is there a math function that will do this?

I was thinking of having 20 integers (card images) and have certain integers match up like 0 matches with 2 and 1 matches with 3 and so on. If anyone knows a math function that lets me do that please let me know. thanks

Alright, I had to get help from an awesome game developer in France but it now works. I had to remove most of how they did it to make it all work but it is now working. I still do not have the experience to tell you how it works but best of luck to anyone learning UE4 blueprints.