? Can i make a floating island with landscape tools ???

Hi i am new user of ue4 and i want to know if its possible to creat a floating island with landscape tools, or how i can creat this island ? (with a basic map under)
is it possible to retouched the island volum with landscape tool ?
i don’t see any tutorial about making a floating landscape so i guess i m in the right place to find answers

thx guys :slight_smile:


Landscape is basically like a flat 2d blanket, where you can raise or lower points vertically.

For what you’re talking about, you need to be looking at some of the work that people have done implementing voxels in UE4.

Actually you can place the landscape actors anywhere in the world.

You can make the top landscape with that and then wrap the thing in meshes to build the under side of your floating island

keep in mind though that the ground shape of a landscape is always rectangular!

In my the game we are working on we just took rocks and tiled their mats. Then built the floating mountains like that. The best way to go is to create meshes…

You can work around this by “erasing”(I don’t remember the actual name, It may have been “Cut”) the edge pieces to make it look more organic.
You could then cut away parts of the floating terrain for tunnels, And you can place some static meshes under the island to make it look like it is actually floating.

Ah yes, I think I know what you mean…you can “cut” holes in the terrain to make connection points for caves. so why not cut around the outer corners to make a more “natural” looking terrain shape :smiley: