Can i make a custom collision capsule that fits to the size and proportion of the character?

hi i was just wanting to know if there was a way that i can make the capsule collisions for the characters actually copy their shape and size so that if the physics can be more realistic in my shooter game because the default capsule collision just takes up to much empty space so i want it to only take up as much space as the character mesh does, so how can i go about doing this?

i also wonder this
Can’t you just scale it? (i can’t check it now i am not on my pc)

Yes you can scale it, but it wont work the way you want
for ex:

  1. currently in order for the capsule to cover the entire body the capsules diameter meets the width of your body from side to side, however the tip of the capsule still covers a bit of space above your head, which i dont want.
  2. if you scaled everything to meet the size of your character then because its a capsule there will always be some areas that aren’t covering everything…
    SO i want to see how you can go and make a collision for the character that covers all and only his body without any extra space .