Can I load a sub-level from http?

Hello, I’m having a problem with my app. In order to save hdd space, my goal is to load an empty level, acting as “main” level, and then, by pressing a button, download from an online bucket and load the rest of the level on runtime.

I’m using pak files to package a level and it’s assets, and store them on a cloud. The pak file content is always unpacked and mounted correctly, but I can’t figure out a way to load these level as a sub-level of the main one, present in app.

I already tried using Level Instancing, which failed. I tried to convert the Level into a Packed Level Actor but everything that’s not a static mesh would simply not be imported, and i also tried Level Streaming but also didn’t work. I want to avoid using Open Level functionality in order to load the new level from the pak file, I wish there’s a way to load a Level as a sub-level of my app.

I’s there something I’m doing wrong or did I miss to consider something important?

You would probably need to just load a new level entierly instead of trying to load in into the persistent.

So no. There likely isnt a way around it unless you are willing to recode about half the engine to make it possible.

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