Can I load a previous save?

I’ve encountered a problem with my game that makes it unplayable (invisible walls, enemy no longer moves). Is it possible to load a previous save and if so, how?

You could use one of the autosaves -> project-saved-autosaves :slight_smile:

Where do I find that?

project folder-saved-autosaves

I’ve found them, but how do I load them?

Also if I load a previous map will that also load the previous BP’s as well?

Just move them to your content folder and replace the old ones (make a backup of them before you do that) :slight_smile:

It will load up the map with the other autosave files + the old ones.

e.g I deleted a character in that map + made some changes to the material. Then it autosaves the files + I will also save it. After that I make some more changes + save them. Now I can use the autosave which will only load the changes that were made before -> so the map + the first changes that I made.

But the easiest way is just to try it (but backup the files!!) :wink:

It worked, though I had to go back further than I thought. Thank you.

Wait can you tell me what i have to do a little bit simply IM REALLY UPSET RIGHT NOW and i really dont have the time to read all of thgis

it says that it doesn’t recognize the .umap plz help I’m so sad