Can I keyframe the position of directional light?

I’m creating a movie sequence but I notice there’s no keyframe button next to location and rotation in UE5.1 for the directional light, only scale, is this normal? It seems pretty limiting, I’d really like to move the sun’s position during the shot, kind of like a time lapse. I notice it’s the same for actors in the scene (actually there’s only one). There’s not a setting somewhere that enables it is there? I’m switching off static lighting in the project settings, just waiting for shaders to be rebuilt in hope that this will give that functionality though I’m doubtful.

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Same problem and I cannot find a solution or a motivation on the web

There’s no keyframe button in the details panel. But you can just add a transform track from within Sequencer and set keys through Sequencer.

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Don’t see “Transform” as an element that can be animated? To the right of DirectionalLight, click the large + to bring up a “+ Track” menu and choose “Transform” to make it visible to keyframe and animate.