Can I inherit from Animation Blueprint despite having different Skeleton?


I know that you can inherit easily and create child classes when both child and parent Animation Blueprint have the same skeleton. However, in my case those can vary greatly, although I’d like to encapsulate the core behaviour animations (run, walk, idle, death) and be able to add the special ones in the child blueprint (jump, spell, taunt etc.). I only want to inherit the functionality, so I don’t have to redo all the blueprints when one more basic animation comes in. I am aware that I will have to setup the animation variables in case of children blueprints but I want to avoid as much of redundant work as possible.

yes you can totally do that. even if it asks for your skeleton when creating an animation blueprint it is not tied to it, just watch for the bones named identical in all your skeletons and asign the one in your bp Class to the mesh.

there are also child animation bps (since 4.15 I guess)

Well, when I do that my AnimGraph in child blueprint doesn’t tick (there’s no flow) and the character is stuck in it’s mesh default T-pose. There’s no animation in the end.

Can you post some screenshots?