Can i import FBX meshes at runtime?

Hey guys,

I have already seeked help with the UE4 community but couldn’t really find a definitive answer on this issue. Hoping someone can help me.

I am working on this UE4 project that involves using several different FBX meshes that would be added over time in a packaged application. Ideally, i would like to import FBX files into the application when it starts running and then use them at runtime, but I’m not sure that’s even possible.

So my question is: Can i import FBX meshes at runtime? And if not, what’s the closest i can get to that?

Also if you don’t know the anser but have a better suggestion as to where to look for you, please let me know :wink:


The engine doesn’t include that function during gameplay, only within the editor.

You can find Plugin “RuntimeLoadFbx” on the marketplace
Find out and see if you are satisfied