Can I import clothes into ue4?

İ made clothes in blender. How I can wear it to my character correctly so when I try to make animation like jumping and running to don’t get any issues
i know nvidia Apex but I won’t to use it.
do you have any other ideas?

And one more thing. İf i dont have any other ways then can I create sockets on the skeleton and attach clothes to sockets?

If your clothes are skinned/rigged to the skeleton you want to use with said clothes, you should be able to import those skeleton meshes to that skeleton. There are however, special export settings you need to take into account. Apex is something different, you want to take a look into the inbuilt Unreal Mesh cloths tool, which basically makes Apex redundant.

That’s what I’m asking. How I can import those skeleton meshes to characters skeleton? Have to use sockets or what ?

The problem with attaching cloth to sockets is going to be no interaction with the physics capsules on your character. So if you’re using ncloth and separate your cloth elements from your player in order to attach them through sockets, a skirt/dress will fall straight through your character’s leg for example since they are separated. Whereas if you left it attached to your character you would be able to take advantage of the player physics capsules to simulate real movement interaction with the cloth.