can i help someone?!

Hello! i’m new here!!
i really like to make my own games.
i want to know if there is someone, who is making a game (not a big game) but just a game, where i can help with design… coding… idk…
i don’t know anything about unreal engine right now, i made my custom story on amnesia, where you only need to make a map etc, and code i had like 16 maps in my game :smiley: i’m pretty good at making games like that, but the problem is, i can’t PAINT, RENDER, USE BLENDER, or just make a 3d thing… i can’t do this :frowning:
My big dream is actually, to work for famous game company’s like Activision (mostly for Treyarch) or like Red barrels.
i can’t paint that Beautiful 3d paintign with 1080HD graphics looking design… :frowning:
is there someone ?! i would try some things…
yeah, i know i’m new, but i did a good job on amnesia… i mean, it’s a game with 3d size like i used HPL2 Engine and unreal engine isn’t very diffirent, since the engines are always little same :smiley:

Hey Xnyancat, and welcome! You should check out the Got Skills/Looking For Talent and Work In Progress sections to see which teams and projects are recruiting. Good luck!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

As SE_JonF already mentioned, take a look at the Got Skills section. Also make sure to specialize on one aspect of game development. Therefore just try out everything and then decide, because especially in big companies you will have to be good with one aspect of game dev. (e.g when you are a 3d artist you will have to be pretty good in that section) -> in small indie teams it could be that you have to do several stuff (e.g I’m the gameplay programmer, technical artist and 3d artist) :smiley:

To get starter with the UE4:

When you have any problems with the engine or anything else, make sure to post a question into the forum/answerhub -> we are always here to help :wink: