Can I have specified spawn point depending on what level a player has returned from?

Sure thing. If you use the game instance to store the level the player is leaving, then when you re-start the destination level, you know where to spawn the player.

The game instance exists the whole time the game is running regardless of which level you’re in.

Here’s a link about it:

Remember to enable your own instance in the project settings:

I have a function where users interact with a signpost that takes them to a webpage that they can then interact with. For this to work, I made it so that the interact button opens a new level where the mouse cursor is enabled in the game mode so that users can interact with the browser, and then press return when they are done. However, when returning to the main level, it spawns the player at the default spawn location causing them to have to walk back over to the sign if they wanted to interact with a different website.

Can anyone think of a way for me to be able to specify where the player should spawn, depending on the level they came from? Happy to provide screenshots of blueprint or any other information you may need!

Thank you!

I’ll be honest - I don’t know much about blueprint so a lot of that went over my head!!

I’ve just found another way of doing it through the use of Game Saves - so saving the player location throughout the game. However that has left me with more issues than i started with - mainly that my character is now constantly walking in the middle of nowhere lol.

I followed this link -

I think I’ll do some more research on Game Mode Instances and see if I can get the desired result - thank you!!

Game instance, as opposed to game mode.

Save game will also do the trick, and will work between plays, but is a bit more tricky to pull off than game instance.

The game instance is just a blueprint with variables in it, just like the save game.

Put your save game code up here, I’ll take a look…