Can i have different snapping settings for each axis?


so im making modular architectural pieces, and i would like to know if it is possible to have grid that is like this:

3meters x 3 meters on X and Y axis… but for Z axis, i would like to have grid on 0.5 meters

so X and Y axis would snap every 3 meters, but Z axis would snap every 0.5 meter

I’m 99% sure that something like that is not possible. Unless you’re planning to edit the source code for the editor.

bummer… what would be the best way to add upper floor sections then?

to toggle between 3m and 0.5 meter grids every time i want to do that? seems tedious and waste of time

You could try using the Transform options in the Details panel to instantly set a position and then just Alt+Drag the rest or you could try playing arround with the SurfaceSnapping option if it helps in any way.