Can I have a vehicle with more than 4 wheels in the current Vehicle Template?

Is it possible to use more than 4 wheels for vehicle in the current state?
when I add 5th or more wheels to the vehicle setup blueprint, vehicle won’t initialize in game at all.

It has to be setup through the Animation Blueprint as well, if anything is amiss, or won’t compile it won’t work. I’ve successfully added a 5’th wheel, as the steering wheel and gotten it to both rotate during turning animations,as well as gain ground rotation which is pretty funny looking.
Maybe ask the question once you’ve diagnosed what you added that made it fail, and can you get it working again without that wheel, and retrace your steps ?

thanks DCrosby
how did you set it up in animation blueprint?
I setup the animblueprint like the tutorial by “wheel handler”, and the answer to your question is yes, when I delete the added wheels, everything is fine ,just when i add a new wheel (wheels>4) to the wheel setup, my vehicle won’t work.
Could you please share your car set up files or images?

Was a solution to this ever discovered?

Perhaps this would bring about some ideas. It will not simulate real wheel physics, but it copies wheels that are actually being simulated. In essence, it creates instances of the real wheels. I removed the bodies of these “instanced” wheels to keep it from rocketing forward at ludicrous vectors. As I learned before, you actually would need to go into coding and change the way the vehicle handler/ vehicle movement deals with each wheel.

You still will need those bones for the extra wheels, so just set up your vehicle the way you would normally, but instead of adding a 5th and 6th wheel in the blueprint defaults, just add this to your anim blueprint.

Not yet!
I am trying to control additional wheels in AnimBlueprint and detect the ground by Trace node But the procedure is so buggy.

Ah sorry, I have a huge headache. What I meant to say at the end of the first paragraph is you’d need to change those things in C++ if you wanted each wheel to be simulated the same way.
Also, just to add. You may be able to use a Spring Controller node for each bone you want to simulate. It may take some tweaking for all wheels to behave the same way with this, but it is an option if you don’t want your instanced wheels completely imitating the simulated ones.

You the ma Daverex !