Can I have a trigger box in one blueprint functioning as a trigger box from another blueprint?

In the level I’m working on there are several tunnels accessible from either end. I’m triggering an FMOD audio event for the tunnel via a blueprint with 2 box triggers. One box trigger in the tunnel’s interior actually plays the sound, while the other trigger outside the tunnels’ entrance stops the sound. But this only works if you enter and leave the tunnel from one side. I don’t know how to stop the sound by exiting on the opposite end of the tunnel. Any ideas? Even if someone could point me in the right direction I’d be really grateful as I’m incredibly new to this!

Sure, just by having a reference to the second BP in the first:

I’m not sure how to do this. How did you get Event in BP2 in BP1?

It’s basic BP communication. In BP1, make a new variable. Set it’s type to ‘BP2 reference’ and make it visible in the editor ( click the eye icon ):


In the viewport, select the BP1 and set that variable to BP2:


Tell me if that helps :slight_smile: