Can I have a different "Root" component to my character class?

I would like to have a node above the “Root” Capsule in my character class. Adding a component doesn’t appear to allow me to position it as the parent of the Capsule.

You cant move anything above the root but if you hold and drag another component on top of the root you can turn that component into root. Why exactly do you need a parent for the root?

@Jacky, why don’t you make that the answer?

In case that’s not the answer Thumper is looking for, since i don’t know why he would want a parent for the root. :slight_smile:

Ok, my last comment, your’e answer is technically correct, for the question that he asked. the why… is another question altogether :wink:

Hey Thumper,

For the Character blueprint, you can’t replace or restructure any Components that are marked as Native components. You can see that descriptor if you hover over the Character Movement, CapsuleComponent, ArrowComponent, or MeshComponent. If you wanted to have a Character with a different set of Native components, you would need to construct that in C++.



how make a Z lineal time root for piramid ?