Can I group destructible meshes in a blueprint?

Hey guys! Been lurking for awhile and finally ran into something I can’t figure out in a timely manner. As a long time UE3 user, I’m still learning UE4’s blueprints system.I have been using it mostly as a way to set up prefabs. In this case though, I’m trying to group a few destructible meshes into one blueprint as I want each FBX to retain is destruction properties. Yet, when I fire a projectile at the blueprint actor in the scene, nothing happens.

I’m assuming this is because the projectile doesn’t simply recognize the blueprint as a group of destructible meshes, but as, well, a blueprint actor. What should I be adjusting? The projectile? The group blueprint?

TL;DR - How do a get a basic projectile to (like in the FP Demo) to interact with a group of destructible meshes in a “prefab?”

Also, it’s interesting that as a blueprint, each mesh in the blueprint recognizes “impact” damage… but not the damage produced by the projectile.