Can I get the spectator pawn to trigger volumes during simulate?

I’m creating a large map using level streaming, and using trigger boxes to load sections of the level (Trying to avoid tick). Trigger Boxes work just fine in PIE, but don’t work for the spectator pawn that’s generated during simulate.


  1. Create a Completely empty level
  2. Add Trigger box
  3. Add OnActorBeginOverlap to Level Blueprint
  4. Attach Print String node to OnActorBeginOverlap to Confirm Event
  5. Launch PIE and fly into the box. An event will be generated
  6. Launch Simulate and fly into the box. An event won’t be generated.

I could hack around it by doing it in PIE, but I don’t really want to because I’m building a map large enough to require level stream, I need to be able to adjust the camera speed.

I tried fiddling with the collision settings on the spectator pawn after launching simulate, but no dice.

Woops, I just answered my own question. If you hit the possess button it causes the trigger volume to fire, then hit possess to get camera controls back. Shortcut is to just hit F8 twice.