Can i get money back?

I thought i can use this program but i think i cannot.

i just bought this around 40mins ago.

this is too hard for me and my computer cannot handle this. laggy so much.

can i get my money back??

You can make engine run faster by going to

  1. Quick Settings
  2. Engine Scalability Settings
  3. Click Low

Hope it helps.

No, reference:
3. Subscription
“At the time of activation of the License, you will also select a non-refundable subscription fee (the “Subscription Fee”). You agree to pay the Subscription Fee for each Subscription Period in advance unless you or Epic have previously cancelled your Subscription.”

Hello kyo, I’d recommend that you watch the YouTube videos that Unreal has posted: They’re very user friendly, and will help you grasp the concepts within the engine in a much shorter timeframe.

I cannot say anything regarding the speed at which it runs on your computer, however bosung90’s answer may help, and as Baesky has said, you cannot get a refund.

The above information, taken from the EULA, is to state that we are not legally obligated to provide refunds. HOWEVER, Epic may choose to do so at its own discretion, and we are providing refunds for those who have a need.

Hello kyo,

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties running UE4. You are welcome to request a refund by contacting our Billing Department from the below location:

We hope that you will try UE4 again in the future.