Can I get both Mac and PC versions on a single subscription?

Hi there:

I’d like to know if I can, on a single subscription, download both a Mac version and PC version of UE4. Or is it limited to one download per subscription? Also, are the two identical? Will files transfer between them fine?

Hey Chroma Chris,

A subscription grants one user access to the engine on any number of machines. You may download as many times as you need, for either Mac or PC, as long as you are the one using it on those machines.

Projects that run on PC will run on Mac and vice versa. There are differences with how the engine runs on Mac vs PC, so make sure both systems meet the recommended system specs. It should function the same, otherwise.

You can read more about the engine and licensing terms here:

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

Indeed it does! Thank you!