Can i get a refund for "futuristic combat weapons" as it doesn't work on 4.7 but thats not how its advertised

Hi, I’m new to unrealed 4 and i went and bought a couple of different things from the marketplace but basically “futuristic combat weapons” won’t work in any other version except 4.6 even though it says 4.7 compatible. So basically i can use this pack or the other ones i’ve purchased so i’m looking for a refund for this so i can buy other weapons that will work. Is this possible?

Seems to be working for 4.7 now, still would be nice for any of the later versions.

Hello. Have you tried contacting the seller and asking if he is working on updates?

Hi there!

We were working on a fix for this pack and now you should be able to download for all versions listed. Please try and test the pack once more and come back to me if you run into any other issues.

Hi, I tried the pack out and all is good, Mark this one resolved. Thanks.