can I get a quick 101 on how the inputs work?

I’m kind of confused on what classes or object are being utilized when I start an empty level.

My question is what are you actually controlling when you start a new C++ project with the basic code. I’ve tried creating a new APlayerController class but I could not get the same movements are the starter content project.
How I was able to move in X,Y,Z plane but I could not manipulate the Pitch, Yaw, Roll. I thought it was the camera I was controller but I was wrong.

so what am I actually controlling when I spectate the level without a pawn before I attach to a pawn.

Hope I made sense, please help.

When a controller doesnt have a pawn a SpectatorPawn is spawned. The spectator pawn inherits from DefaultPawn which has a bunch of input bindings setup for flying movement.

You will probably want to go through the input docs to get a full picture but basically most of your control bindings will be setup in your pawns. Then in your controller setup input that is universal like opening the in game menu.

thanks you so much, and I read that so much times wasn’t getting what I wanted from it