can i get a publisher if i register my game on steam?

hello, i made a game back in 2015 and i got a publisher from uk, (the game is simple, has lots of lows, but the publishers convinced me to publish it on steam, that’s another story), he have registered the game on steam and he never shown to me any sales stats.

my question is very simple, if i register my game on steam, can i get a publisher on the same terms ? (by same terms i mean, the publisher take care of the marketing of the game and he takes a cut from the game sales) or the publisher figure must register the game on steam ?

the main reason to ask this, is because i was reading on the www, about budgets for game marketing and o saw an article to claim that a small indie game studio must have 50k to marketing a game when is close to release to increase presence an make a momentum for the release of the game.

thanks in advance for the help

You’ll have to work out a contract with a publisher before it goes on Steam. Sounds like you got a bad deal with the previous publisher, make sure you get reports on sales for your next game, you need to be able to verify what profit you should be receiving.