Can I get a complete Viewmode list?


Maybe Eric can answer this one.

I’m running some dumpmovie captures, and when inserting viewmode settings into my level blueprint, some of the documented viewmodes don’t work. The first, and biggest hurdle was ‘viewmode detaillighting’ which, after much searching Eric listed as this in another thread (

viewmode lit_detaillighting (which works great!!)

Is there a complete list of console command viewmodes? We’re doing some compositing work, and we want to knock out render passes directly from the engine using the dumpmovie command to create image sequences.

Thanks in advance!!

Hey FlashFreak -

Here is the documentation for viewmodes and at the end of each section it gives you the console command that is available:

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

It seems like you can pull a list from BaseEngine.ini to use with show visualizebuffer & r.BufferVisualizationTarget