Can I freely reuse props and scenes from Marketplace?

Hi guys.

I’m wondering, in Unreal Marketplace there are many full environment like this supermarket for example: Supermarket in Environments - UE Marketplace
Question: once I own that, can I just freely get some props from that to use in my game or are there any extra licenses for that ? The same for props… once you get them, are they yours for life to use and modify as much as you want ?


Once you purchase a marketplace asset, you are free to use the whole or part asset in any game or project of yours. You can’t resell any of the assets on the marketplace though.

Thanks @Jimminy_Cricket !

Rule of thumb anything that you can download via the Epic launcher is fair use if used in Unreal 4. This includes purchased asset and free project files.

What about building your own assets using an epic made shader? Could you resell this on the marketplace still?