Can I fix this retarget issue?

This is a makehuman character with gameengine rig. I successfuly retargeted it to the ue4 thirdperson animations, however the result is not good. Maybe that’s the best I can get with retargeting, but I hope there are still ways to fix it. THe problems can be seen during walk (and run) animation: Her torso is bent forward too much and I think her steps are too big. The mannequin walks naturally, but this model doesn’t.

Any tip to fix this?

I tried to import a makehuman model with the game engine rig (mh 1.1) and following this tutorial worked for me. There are a couple of things that could have been missed in the required steps so you may want to give it a shot :

I did a bit differently, but now followed this method and the result is the same: the character is bent forward too much in every animation pose. Maybe this is the best I can get with it… then I wonder if I could edit the pose inside unreal somehow.

btw if someone wants to try it here is the short workflow: export mh character with game/unreal rig in fbx format, scale set to cm. import fbx into an unreal project (for test I recommend the third person blueprint template). open skeleton, above bones turn on advanced options. right click on pelvis and set all bones to sceleton recursively. change back pelvis to animation (without these steps the hand and feet would show errors.). Now look for the third person blueprint among the animations (under mannequin), right click and choose copy/retarget (if you retarget the blueprint it will automaticly retarget all the animations associated with the blueprint and use he correct pose). In the retarget manager window turn off "show only compatible skeletons’ so you can see yours. Set the name and location of the new animation files and hit ‘retarget’. find the new animation files and test them.
It works great except I don’t like that my character leans forward much more than the mannequin…

I found that if I rotate the spine01 bone a bit the animations look better, however I found no way to save it…during preview it shows, I click save but apparently I it is not saved so I wonder if bones position could be edited somehow inside ue…