Can i export my architecture in ue4 to autocad (2012)?

If yes, kindly give instructions. Help is appreciated.

Sorry I can’t give you a detailed answer since I don’t have Autocad installed. I think you should convert your BSD geometry to blueprint, then in the content browser export them as FBX, then import the FBX file into Autocad. Good luck.

If autocad can import FBX files, then yea, you can. I don’t know if it will be properly viewable, but it should open it. If not, try importing the FBX into 3ds Max, and then exporting to Autocad.

Autodesk Maya 2015 directly supports exports to the game system “Unreal Engine 4”. Use the functions:
File > Send to Unreal > Set Unreal Project, select the requested local Unreal project and click Select.
File > Send to Unreal, select All or Selected objects only
Then load the scene in the Unreal level
Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) also supports the FBX Static Mesh Pipeline, i.e. import of static 3D mesh objects from the FBX format. FBX files can be easily exported from Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max or even from AutoCAD. Use the format version FBX 2014.

This sounds a bit backwards to me. You can do a little bit of basic modeling inside Unreal with BSP brushes, but those are meant for blocking out level design, not creating 3D models. Your workflow should be from CAD or Maya/Max into Unreal for rendering. UE4 does great real-time rendering and interactivity, but is not 3D modeling software. What use would you have for a blocky 3D model inside CAD?

I think that you would need to use 3dsmax to import the assets back into auto cad. Haven’t tried this but i think it is possible. If you can export out then you should be able to import. My question is why are you trying to get the model back into auto cad.