Can I exclude an event while pausing the game?

Hello developers :slight_smile:
I set my game to be paused when opening the inventory widget and to unpaused when I close it. everything was good here till I added 3D preview for my inventory and it wasnt working till I found that the issue is that the game is paused and I have to unpause the game to make it work.
is there specific way to do that like a node that exclude some lines from being paused?
hope you can help me here :slight_smile:

Maybe donโ€™t pause the game. Set time dilation to .0001 so everything is slowed down and make sure that the widget is not โ€œtiedโ€ to tick time and delta time. That way you can access it without pausing.

There is a node SetTickableWhenPaused

This was veryhelpfull thank you :slight_smile:

I believe this can help me solve other problem am facing too thank you :slight_smile: