Can I edit my imported terrain sculpted in another package as landscape?


I am trying to build my own level from 3rd person BP Instead of using a landscape as I want an large open world to run about, I sculpted my own terrain in Zbrush, and optimized, all works fine you can run all over etc, however the more I get into designing it, the more I realize it would be better if I did use landscape - (that I’m not so good with at all, I truly am dissatisfied with quality of sculpting that is so basic compared to the freedom of modeling packages) - however, while I run around, I would like to paint roads with textures, or use splines, (I can use foliage though). Is there any possibility that I am not aware of yet, to edit my static mesh custom terrain as landscape and use then all the tools for it? I can’t use heightmap, as it looks crap and not even alike to what I originally modeled, btw, or I am totally crap with using it. Can anyone help me? Thanks