Can I dynamically download levels / content from the net?

Is it possibe for an App (iOS or Android) to download entire levels in a package and then load it and play? The idea is to make interactive comics / storybooks which can download additional content based on in-app purchases. This is a powerful way to increase the life of a product especially in the Mobile space. I have been digging around the code but cant find a way to do this. Can load levels from the Content directory but downloaded content cannot be put there due to the sandbox the app runs in. In also appears that loading from out side the Content directory is not possible.

Please let me know how this can be solved…
Thanks !

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Are you planning to add support for downloadable levels via things like the Steam Workshop or DLC?

Cause currently if I try to save or load a .umap outside a project Content directory UE4 forbids it for reasons that seem entirely Legally based.

I searched through the entire UE4 code base and the only line that really prevents me from loading a map package outside content directory (C++ level streaming) goes something like this “We do not allow people to load maps from outside a content directory”.

It has to be Legal issue, so what are your plans for this for the future?

How do you wish to encourage Devs to have the ability to deliver new levels to the people who buy their games?



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Any news on this please ?

I talked to some of the Devs at PAX this past year and they told me this is possible with correct packaging and loading of the .pak files. I hope someone official chimes in with more accurate detail on this topic though.

The DLC Trello card is 'archived". Not sure what that means but is that feature already implemented ? And if yes then are some docs available ?

judging from the card it will be available from 4.7 as UT is using it now.
But it also states it will be undergoing changes

UT is using it now, but they may uncover bugs and make feature requests for the next few months.

Guess we will wait for the 4.7 release and see if it has it.

Does it work on mobile?