Can I download the Windows version of UE4, (not just installer) from my Mac?

My Windows workstation is air gapped. Anyway I can download the Windows version from a Mac? Preferably without needing to run a VM of Windows on the Mac.

Hi dissid3ntly,

When you sign-in to your subscribed account at, you will have the option of downloading the PC or Mac versions of the installer. You can then download the Windows version to your Mac, move the installer to your Windows based PC, and then install from there.

If this process doesn’t work for you, please let us know and we will help find another solution.

Thanks, TJ

Perhaps I’m not making it clear. My Windows PCs NEVER connect to the internet. In any way. I’d like to keep it that way. They’re workstations and I’d rather work on them than constantly monitor for viruses, trojans, spend hours learning about and installing firewalls, reinstall everything all the time… etc etc. So what I’d like to do is download the entire UE4 for Windows (not just the installer) via Mac and then move it across to a Windows machine.


The Launcher installation method will be looking for OS specific folders (Thus requiring a Virtual Machine). So in this case, you may want to try downloading the UE4 Source from GitHub and then transfer it. Unfortunately, that may take some time as the files are quite large. Also it should be noted that we have not tested this workflow of transferring engine files and it is not officially supported.

I hope that this helps, please let us know if you encounter any additional problems.