Can i divide an already created level in world composition?

Hi , i been working on a large landscape map and I am wondering if I can add that in world composition and just divide it into sections instead of adding new levels around it? I have enabled world comp and it sees my landscape level and it is there as persistent map. but I see no options to divide it. also in the world comp mini map , I just see a small white icon , but no actual landscape .thanx for any help

This should get you there - ue4 world composition - Bing video , if not to your liking there are more listed below, let me know how it goes.

You could duplicate the level, delete the individual sections you dont need, repeat the process for the rest of the tiles, and re-import in world-comp.

the hard part is having matching tiles. The reality is that you probably won’t.
In that case you may be able to export the height map off the split tiles, and import it into the new matching tiles.
you would probably need to stretch the exported heightmap to match the new tile size.
it won’t be identical, but it’s a faster start then starting out from scratch.


thanks for your post ,your post helps me to solved my issue thanks

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