Can I disable sending crash reports to epic?


until recently when I had a bug in my code and the editor crashed, the crash reporter popped up and I could choose to NOT send anything to epic and simply close the crash reporter window.
Now (I think since 4.12) I only have the options “Send and Close” or “Send and Restart” in the crash reporter window.

But I really see no sense in sending a crash report to epic for my own bugs, so at the moment I kill the crash reporter via the task manager. Is there a more convenient way to get rid of sending crash reports?


Hey, I moved it to more appropriate section where Epic can see the thread.
Concerned as well - “Close” button in top-left corner is now disabled and I can’t see any reason why it should be disabled =/
I’m just alt+f4 from this window

Thanks zeOrb! Also thanks for ALT+F4, thought that was disabled, but it sure works. :slight_smile:

Still @Epic: a button to close the reporter would be nice. No reason to force people to send their nullptr-crashes.

Hi everyone,

I am currently following up on this change. I suspect it was an unintentional side effect of changes we made to the code for Epic’s Paragon game. I’ll keep you posted.

Yeah you can’t close the report without select send or send.

Hey all,

As suspected, this is an unplanned and unwanted change that will be corrected in an upcoming release. This is a big priority for us to fix, so you can expect the dialog window to return to normal functionality soon.

In the mean-time, you can do as mentioned here and Alt+F4 the window to force it closed.

Sorry for any inconvenience, we’ll keep you posted!

Thank you for the update Stephen!



Thanks, Stephen!

This is now fixed with the 4.12.3 Hotfix, which has just released.


Great! Thank you!

sweet paragon keeps freezing now it says my accounts banned I haven’t played a game since I downloaded it yesterday says I abandon game when that’s all you can do in task manager is end task because its completely locked up my pc and no my pc is not **** its a core I7 4770 16gb ram 8tb storage and a asus rog strix gtx 1070 8gb you better fix this epic this has made me angry unban my account now don’t tell me you cant fix this I have email you already with all the details and logs

Hi MkZombieHunter. This is the wrong location for the help you need. Please visit: