Can I develope an VR game without VR headset?


for university I should develope a VR Game (I have never done that before), but the hardware is a 2 hour drive away. A short google search only gave me results for unity.
So I was wondering if there is something that let’s me start developement and testing in unreal (Unreal Engine 4 or 5) without VR hardware?

Thank you!

Hi Smiledicat,

I’d say when developing for VR, it’s best to be able to play in-editor without needing to wear an HMD. For example - if you take a look at the RoboRecall mod kit, developers have added the functionality to ‘play’ the game without being in VR.

If you create a pawn and add a camera to that pawn you’ll be able to use that same pawn for both VR and Flatscreen. (Use ‘Is Head Mounted Display Enabled’ node in blueprint to branch logic)

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You can just make your game as it is a non VR game and later add VR functionality.