Can I develop Unreal 4 game on MacOS

Can I run Unreal 4 editor to develop a game on MacOS. because, windows is really suck!

Yes you can. Once you purchase a subscription to Unreal Engine 4, you will be given a link on your dashboard to download the Mac OSX version of the engine. If you want to work with code, however, you will need an Apple Developer License, and xcode installed.

Keep in mind that the performance on OS X will be worse than on Windows. This is true, even if you run the different operating systems on the same machine. This is mostly due to worse OpenGL support on OS X. So unless you have a really fast Mac, I wouldn’t recommend this path for now.

I don’t have an Apple Developer License and I develop on a Mac. If you want to submit something to the App Store made with UE4, then this becomes a requirement I believe.

Indeed. You only need an Paid Apple Developer License, if you want to release something to the App Store or the Mac App Store. You also need a license if you want to sign your app and test it on a real device (instead of just the simulator, which I’m not sure if UE supports).


that is what I need. thank u very much

Did u means UE4 can not test it on IOS simulator? ok some time I stay in airport or hotel. I really want to develop game in there but not just in company’s studio.