Can I develop on PC with UE4, transfer project file/source code to Mac to compile?

I have not installed UE4 yet but I also plan on using my PC to create the game, and the sell to iOS.

I am also not sure what files I can save my project as, or whether they can be saved as pure source code plus other folders.

Assuming I have xcode installed, and I have an Apple developer account…

Would it be possible to save the project in my PC UE4 after the game is practically done, transfer the project to my iMac via USB, and then compile/build the file on iMac UE4 for iOS deployment?

If this is not possible, is Epic working on an easier way to build on PC transfer to Mac method for iOS dev?
Thank you so much.

Hey Bert I have been able to switch between both platforms interchangeably no problem. So yes you could do that :slight_smile: