Can I develop for iOS without buy a Mac?

I would like to build games for iOS, can I develop on Windows only? What are missing without a Mac?

Hello flim,

Yes, you can develop for iOS without buying a mac. UE4 has built in packaging features that allows you to launch and package for iOS specifically. You are not missing any features by using a Windows machine.

Note: Having an iOS device around around so that you can test to see if the packaging worked is a good practice.

I am linking you to our documentation that steps you through the setup for developing with IOS for both PC and MAC.

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In the iOS Quick Start documentation it says that you must have a mac to compile the code… So it would seem that you would need to buy a mac no?

“The PC-only workflow described in this guide requires a pure Blueprint only project. If you wish to use any code in your project, you will also need a Mac to compile the code.”

It says if you use C++ classes you have to buy Mac

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Develop? Yes, if working only in blueprints.

But if you want to submit your game to the Apple store, you need a Mac. Apple require aplication loader (now its part of XCode) to submit your app for aproval. Its a Apple thing…

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Hey ok, so what if i want to test it on a Iphone could i bring it to my Device without a Mac?

blueprint only - yes

Ok Thanks. But it says:

If you are creating a Blueprint-only iOS project, you do not need to use the full remote-build process detailed in the sections below. Instead, you can use your Windows machine to create your iOS build directly, provided that you have set up your iOS developer certificate and provision profile in the editor. However, if you add C++ code to your project in the future, you will need to follow the steps on this page.

But i dont want to sell it i just want to use it for myself. So i dont need a Dev Account on Apple ? What are the Steps i have to go?

as I know, with apple you need Dev Account. but you could create it for free iOS Deployment Without Paid Developer Account Won't Work - #5 by Serguey