Can I destroy a destructible mesh in Kismet?

Every time I see someone using a destructible mesh, it reacts when shot by the player. My game doesn’t have weapons and projectiles as implemented by UDKGame or UTGame. But I would still like to destroy meshes.

I imported a mesh, used the fracture tool to create a fractured version, made that mesh CanBecomeDynamic = true. Then with that mesh selected in the content browser, I right-clicked in the game world and selected Add Fractured Mesh. So as far as I can tell, it’s there, but I can’t make it fracture.

I tried using a Kismet Modify Health node. I have a Take Damage event for that mesh that’s getting activated when the Modify Health node fires, but nothing happens to the mesh.

Any idea how I can destroy a destructible mesh without using a UTWeapon?

it can be done using the dummy weapon fire node.not all weapon classes work so experiment.

To add to what Gaz said you can use Impulse / Force Kismet node.
I seem to remember doing this before to simulate a ‘Bomb’ impact…

Thanks guys. I’ll give that a try. I guess if that doesn’t work, I could also try making my own Kismet action to deal damage to it. Thanks again.

Kismet using a trigger (rather than a shoot trigger) and you can spawn all kinds of amazing effects. The first kismet sequence is a light being shot (but player touch trigger would also work), and a lampshade jumps around after being shot and the light bulb is broken.

The second effect: player blows a hole in the wire to gain entry to the pipe, and complex beyond.
The pieces of wire lying around in the pic are the broken bits - hidden until the main wire has a hole shot (again a touch trigger, rather than shoot trigger would be fine).