Can I delete save game in blueprint?

In my Galiga type game I’ve got it set to Dave every time u die and subtract a life. Works fine.

Once you’ve lost all three life’s how can I get it to start save game over??? Is there a node for that?

Hey AttemptD,

There isn’t a Delete Save function, if that’s what you’re . An easy solution would be to create a separate SaveGame when game is first started, and then load that one after 3rd life is lost.

Hope that helps!

Name initial savegame separately, continue with regular saves as you lose lives. Load initial save when all lives are lost.

Hmmm…so would I need a save game for every time there was a “game over”? Or how would it know to load blank one when third life is lost and then load ANOTHER blank one when it’s done a second time? Another save game?

As alperenakyuz says, you would create one save at start of game. Do a branch before loading a new game to check whether counter has reached 0 lives, and if it has, load that save instead of regular save.

Oh very nice. I understand now. Thanks a ton!!! :slight_smile: