Can I delete my Metahumans from Quixel Bridge?

I would like to remove some of my MetaHumans created in UE5 Editor from Bridge, but I don’t see any ways to do this. In the MetaHumans plugin for Unreal and on the Quixel Bridge website, I can only download my models, but they cannot be deleted. Do they stay there forever, or is it possible to delete them?

Hey there @Mayor! Welcome to the community! I believe that you have to delete the metahuman in the metahuman creator before it will be removed from Quixel’s backend.

@SupportiveEntity, thank you very much! Indeed, the deletion can be performed in MetaHuman Creator. I couldn’t log in to the MetaHuman website for a long time because there was an endless loading of the page when I tried to log in to my account, so I couldn’t test this method.