Can I create code-based project within Win7

I cannot create code-based project through UE4 editor.this happens on my PC,which is using Win7 64bit .But I can do this om my laptop normally ,which is for Win8.1.So I wonder if it is ture that you only can create code-based project whtin in the Win8 syestem.thx.

OK.i got it.If it is Win7 you are using,u need to patch it up before VS2013 installation.Then you can get all features pf VS2013 and create the code-based projects by UE editor properly.
But the new bug appears,After I create the code-based project,I need to open it of course,and the UE editor will compile it and it failed in the end of process, then the editor crashed becaues of the failure of compiling.So my question has changed now :Is ti true that you cannot compile and work with code-based project in the system of Win7.

You can definitely work with windows 7 x64 and visual studio.

What version of win 7 do you have?

Im using windows 7 professional x64, visual studio 2013 express desktop edition and have been building projects successfully for UE4.2.1 and 4.3

I work w/ Win7 & VS2013.
What’s the compiler error?

Dont use editor compile, try compile in VS2013

That is it! thx!

yep, windows 7 professional x64, visual studio 2013 express desktop edition ,me too!
I sitll cannot compile the project by editor,but i can compile it in VS2013,and open it by eidtor directly. In my laptop wiht win8.1,the editor can do it all by itselt.

Editor compile button is kind of buggy, most impotently it only works when you don’t change structure of class

I just wanted to let you know that improvements to the in-Editor compiler are on the way. Be sure to check out the feature in upcoming releases.