Can I create an IP ban system

The server that I host has a player that has been an issue for the past 5 (yes, 5) months. He keeps repurchasing the game and playing in secret for a few weeks, then just harassing/griefing people. Our server isn’t the most populous and I’m trying to keep it alive. I have a custom mod with priority on my server that I can use to edit GameMode and PlayerController. I’ve noticed a Unique Network ID stored somewhere, but I can’t remember where. Is this something that’s possible to do? I’m open to:

On PlayerController Load > disable in game keyboard/mouse input

This is a personal favorite of mine. I use this for if players somehow get the server password. It’s quite trolly.

PC Load > Kick

I hope there’s a kick/ban function built in. If not, there has to be another way.

The main problem though - I need to grab his current Unique Network ID. Is this doable when offline? Do mods have the rights to read all player files located on the server?

Please help in any way possible, this man has purchased at least 9 accounts over the last 5 months that I am aware of.

I will review the latest available blueprints when I have the time, and report back what I find.

“Furthermore, Base Mods and TC’s can now specify a custom PrimalPlayerData Blueprint class, as you’ll see BASE_PrimalGameData now does. This PrimalPlayerDataBP (in our case ) gets a bunch of events for when a player spawns or creates a new character, and can have its own SaveGame variables. It is effectively the “meta” profile data for an individual “account” on your server, and you can use it to generate and save persistent gameplay information for that player’s account which that you can apply when they create a character, or on login, to do whatever you want! We use this in ARK to store the “Ascension” meta information, for example, and a record of what Bosses the player has defeated, all done in Blueprint. Note that a new PrimalPlayerData instance is generated whenever a player creates a “NEW” Survivor, of course!”

just ban via steamID …
unless hes using different steam accounts every time …
the next question is …
9 accounts on steam is $315 … thats $315 just to **** you off, seems odd …
its your server tho, but, i would ban via SteamID
if hes not using SteamID and making all new accounts every time, you will never win.

I only ban via SteamID. I found out about his 10th account last night. I know for a fact that when Ark went on sale for $10 and his one account got banned, he confided in another player that he purchased the game 5 more times. I don’t know what his obsession is with my server, but he plays 90 hours per week and is a bit unstable, so when he has a bad day he just mass farms explosives and wipes out people for no reason. It’s hard to maintain a population with someone like that.

Maybe switch over to whitelisting, to prevent this completely

no that’s chaos getting someone’s ip address is strictly prohibited, it’s like asking for your home address by an anonymous party,

That’s for cheats. This is a public server, but some players just cannot let go.

Not necessarily my goal. I just wanted to save the UniqueID so that whenever a player with that same UniqueID connects, they can get booted. It’d never actually be displayed to me or anyone else. Turret pin codes are like this. You can see that it’s there, but using it just returns a bad cast.

I believe you’ll find Gimpulse was actually referring to ExclusiveJoin, not necessarily the Admin white-listing, but access white-listing.


Prohibited by who? Not ADK.

I am not sure that players IP addresses are available to the admins, are they?
If someone is paying for several accounts, i highly doubt there is going to be a way to ban him even via IP. I dont know that there is a “ban by IP” option at all.

That’s where the creative modding comes into play. There are a few structures in the dev kit that contain player information, and I’m pretty sure that one of them stores the networkID of the last connection. Or perhaps it’s just a connection ID to that steam account. Who knows.

that my friend would be the key …

That’s why I’m here asking around :slight_smile:

We’ve had our fair share of bad apples on our server cluster too. One fella we ended up doing an IP ban by blocking his IP in the firewall. We obtained his IP because he used our forums as well though, I’ve never retrieved an IP off of somebody from the Ark servers.

Even if you got the players IP address it is probably a dynamic IP from an ISP, that would make it pointless wouldn’t it?

depends a bit on how active that person is … your internet at home won’t change IP as long as it’s active… the ISP will flush the IP and reuse them, so that has not been in use for a certain amount of time ( you have leasing on your ip ) will go into that pool… I have had the same IP address now for almost a year, as quite a few of my gear is always on, and therefor is at all times actively using the IP address!!
So … banning the IP address is usually plenty, as, for atleast, it will stop them from join for a long time … and by then, maybe they forgot about the server, or changed their way of behavior…

Takes me 2 seconds to change my MAC and get a new IP, no VPN required.