Can I create a thread in Blueprint?


Is it possible to create a thread in Blueprint scripting? If not, is it possible to have an execute path with two connections from the exec pin?


No threads - but you can use the ‘Sequence’ node to do a series of actions one after another.


That seems to be more to assist with layout, if step 1 is a delay and step 2 is a loop; the loop would still seem to be executed after the delay.

Correct - because there are no threads you can’t have a single blueprint simultaneously executing two separate code paths.

If you do need async capability you can use Set Timer node to create a callback system, where instead of Delay you set a timer callback, that just calls a function to do something in X seconds, while you can “simultaneously” be doing something else in your tick, until the Set Timer function is called.

That is great, thanks. :slight_smile:

So if I understand correctly I couldn’t do a Spawn Emitter at location, Play Sound at location and Set Visibility simultaneously?